CEO Message


Welcome to Narendra Brother

The story of Narendra Brother truly epitomizes determination and will to overcome adversity we starting project planning for air compressor in 1992 then after 1995 we completely launched manufacturing air compressor. We were not deterred by tough times, infect we conquered adversity and defied conventional thinking.

We manufacturer air compressor parts in our factory and also Narendra Brother has developed an undisputed reputation of being India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of complete range of air compressors and compressors parts in the range of 0.5 to 30 hp & has the most modern in house facilities for manufacturing & testing products at their works. We are totally committed to manufacture products of world class quality with advanced features by adopting innovation in designs and technology.

We believe quality is the defining issue. We have adopted stringent quality control policy to manufacture products of finest quality for our esteemed customers.

We aim to explore new avenues and conquer new frontiers. A great future reckons us.

I would like to thank my customers for their trust and confidence.