Valve and Valve Components

Channel Valves

  • NB offers complete range of channel valve design for all reciprocating type compressors
  • Maximum flow is utilized while perfect sealing is ensured.
  • Exclusive design, perfect machined
  • Precision formed and lapped to have best sealing.
  • Reduce metal fatigue and stress.
  • Standard materials includes graded casting 410, 316 and K-model SS, INconel X-750
  • Anti corrosive treated to avoid corrosion damage in CI valve parts

Valve Seats and Stop Plates

  • Nodular iron castings are carefully in house heat treated to desired properties for each applications. Insure maximum strength wear and impact resistance.
  • Perfect machining and drilling
  • Interchange as per part number
  • Ensure and perfect assembly with related and reference parts
  • Perfect lift with proper machining to have confirm pressure
  • Machined, drilled, grinder and lapped

Metal valve Guides

  • Highest quality machined steel guide. Precision formed to exacting tolerances that assure proper motion and movements of channel in the valves.
  • Our highest quality guides can significantly improve your compressor valve life.
  • Highest quality sintered/machine alloy
  • Exacting proper tolerances
  • Suitable for lubricated and non lubricated compressor valves

Seat Plates (Flip Plates)

  • 316, 410 stainless steel and special order steel are heat treated
  • 100% flat with ground and machined lapped
  • Elector polished with micro grinding finishing
  • Demagnetized to perfect movement and proper sealing with channel
  • Ensure prompt pressure and long lasting life of compressor valve