Overhung Crankshaft

  • Our overhung crankshaft designs make possible solid connecting rod.
  • Crankshaft rotates on two heavy duty ball bearings.
  • Overhung crankshaft with replaceable crank pin bush
  • Perfect machining with proper drilling for centrifugal unloaders
  • Dynamic balanced crankshaft rotate freely
  • Axial aligned, perfect machined and hydraulic pressed crankshaft


  • Ensure fully machined forging crankshaft
  • Dynamic balanced crankshaft rotate freely
  • Axial aligned to minimise vibration of compressor
  • Perfect machining within permissible tolerances to match with main bearing and connecting rod bushing
  • Ensure require oil pressure with “Oil floating bushing”

Our long life crankshaft assure minimum wear-trat, labour, parts cost and high compressor efficiency