Cylinders and Pistons


  • Each cylinder separately cast
  • Graded casting used to meet OEM quality
  • Machined & bored to equalising permissible tolerances
  • Perfectly vertically bored and honed
  • Perfectly drilled with proper fixture ensure proper assembly with related parts


  • Available in steel, cast iron & alloy, fully machined aluminium
  • Perfect dimension, finishing and material construction with specification
  • Diamond polished and packed properly
  • Variety of certified base stock magnaflux tested
  • Dully checked manually individual piston for porosity, dimensional accuracy, Weight and piston ring groove size

Piston Rod

  • Properly heat treated with proper raw materials
  • Ensure proper tensile strength
  • Perfect machine with proper thread matching with cross head and piston nut
  • Ensure surface treatment with grinding with four micro inch RMS surface